Established in 2012, with brand consultancy and creative solutions forming the backbone of its business; Ashraff Associates also provides a comprehensive range of services including, but not limited to, launches, activations, retail branding, digital marketing and public relations.

Powered by a potent mix of talent, expertise, experience, and professionalism; we at Ashraff Associates see every client brief as an opportunity to create something exceptional.

Capturing Imaginations. Changing Perceptions. Championing Creativity. 

A triptych of creativity, collaboration and clarity, have formed the basis for our unique operational philosophy; and are the pillars on which we build our business.

While we live to build brands, we also strive to transform the way the local ad industry operates; creating an environment in which, via clarity and collaboration, true creativity and originality can take wing.

As champions of the creative process, we know that it is only through excellent execution, wise investment and effective implementation that a brilliant idea can translate into a tangible result. Thus, we offer our clients all that, and more.

We are the dreamers, the creators, the planners and the executors. We build brands that connect with people, capturing their imaginations and changing their lives, in ways both great and small.

We Are Living Our Dream.

We Can Help You Live Yours.