Point of Sale

The Founder

Never failed to deliver on a brief. Their creativity is second to none and they do not do the mundane
Amrit Rajaratnam - Director, Maitland & Knox

Brand Identity




To achieve results and meet our objectives a strong and effective working relationship is essential as this is what underpins overall success and this is what we have found with Ashraff Associates.
Ishanth Gunawardene, Head of Sales & Marketing, Jetwing Hotels
Not only creative and met our expectations but were also very courteous and most importantly delivered on time as promised.
Sudaththa Ariyasena, Director, Ratnapura Hospitals
Specially known for going beyond the job, and being critical in evaluating everything, branding and otherwise.
Ragulan Ketheeswaran, Head of Marketing and PR, Coco Veranda